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Our breeding program is a very small one. Quality is more important than quantity and we strive to breed a horse that can suit any one by being versatile. Our goal is to be able to provide young, athletic and well trained horses that can succeed in several different disciplines. We take pride in being honest and giving our horses the best chance to succeed in a life long companionship.

Note: Our breeding program is nonexistent at the moment. We sold our stallion and with the horse market in such shambles, it's libel to be a while before we are raising horses again. We currently have 1 new foal, but it will be our last foal until things in the horse industry improve.
TK Ranch was established in 2003 and is proudly owned and operated by Heath and Laura Sanders. We have come a long way from where we started and are still improving on what we can offer. It's our hope that we find forever homes for our horses and we know that in order to do so, we'll need to produce some of the finest horses possible. We hope that people who purchase a horse from us will be so pleased, that they will recommend us to others.
Whether we are currently advertising a horse for sale or not, every thing on the ranch has a price tag. Some are more reasonable than others. If you are interested in a particular horse and would like to be considered as a buyer you may contact me.

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